As mentioned in balloon dilatation of pulmonary artery, we do this procedure when balloon dilatation if either failed or not suitable.

This is always preferred over ballooning as have better results.

For doing this procedure, general anesthesia is preferred as compared to intravenous sedation.

After having an access in leg by using femoral vessels, we do angiography of affected segment to delineate the segment. Then we park a long sheath across the segment.

Then Balloon mounted stent is placed across the stenosed segment and by inflating the balloon, we placed a stent across it.

The stent position is confirmed on angiography post-procedure.

After doing stenting of PA, there is very less chances of re-narrowing of PA, but if is there, we can dilate the stent by using a balloon instead for surgical correction.

The results of stenting pulmonary artery are good.