Normally aorta arises from left ventricle and pulmonary artery from right ventricle. When aorta and pulmonary artery origin reverses i.e. aorta from right ventricle and pulmonary artery from left ventricle, then popularly described as d-TGA.

In this condition, pure blood from lungs goes into lungs and impure blood from body goes again into body. Survival depends on mixing of blood in heart. It can be either large ASD or VSD or PDA. If this is not the case, then patient becomes early symptomatic.

How newborn presents clinically and method of palliation?
As mentioned above, if mixing is inadequate then patient will be very blue from the If there is no VSD and PDA is getting closed early with restrictive ASD/PFO, then balloon atrial septostomy (BAS) has to done by angiographic methods before final correction by surgery. In the meantime, Prostaglandin can be started for opening the PDA for mixing of blood in heart.

Ideal age of final repair and method of repair?
Final repair has to be done as early as possible, preferably in first 2 weeks of life. If there is large VSD or large PDA is there, then we can delay surgery till 3rd or 4th week of life.

In final surgery, coronary arteries are transplanted at great vessels level with closure of any holes in heart if present. This is a complex operation and done on bypass machine.

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