This is procedure of choice in older adolescents or adults with weight of more than 30 kilogram. As compared to ballooning of coarctation of aorta, results of stenting are better.

In this procedure, stenting is done most of times under ventilator support. We use femoral arteries for obtaining an access in artery. Then by using various tubes, wires, sheaths, we deploy the stent across the coarctation of aorta in cath lab.

There will be no marks on the body and no medicines have to be taken after the procedure.

Post stenting, re-coarctation risk is less as compared to ballooning procedure. Even if recurrence occurs then it can be redilate the stent by using a balloon instead for surgical correction.

Patient discharged in 1-2 days. He can resume duties from the very next day*.

Risk of the procedure
Bleeding, vessels rupture, stent fracture etc