Please see article on RSOV in common cardiac condition for detailed information.

Treatment of ruptured sinus of Valsalva (RSOV) depends on size of the defect as well as weight of the patient.
Generally it ruptures in adolescents and adults so most of RSOV can be closed in cath lab by angiography and very rarely surgery are required for its closure.

For closing RSOV in cardiac cath lab, we take two vessels in thigh (femoral artery and vein). For closing this, patient needs to be under sedation so that he or she shall not move during the procedure.

After profiling the RSOV, we put an umbrella device across the defect under echo and  x-ray guidance in cath lab.

Patient has to take Aspirin Tab for 6 months and can be discharged on next day.

Device will remain in the body.

Transcatheter closure of RSOV is an effective and safe treatment modality for isolated RSOV.



Post RSOV device closure