We do cardiac angiography as adult cardiologist is doing from thigh vessels. For this, cardiac cath lab is utilized in which there is usage of X ray machines (fluoroscopy).

This can be either diagnostic (for diagnosing anatomy of heart that is not possible on echocardiography, CT or MRI; for functional assessment as to assess operability by measuring pulmonary artery pressures in case of late presenting large VSD or PDA etc.

It can be therapeutic also. e.g. closure of various holes in heart by devices (without open heart surgery). Device closure can be done for ASD, VSD, PDA, Coronary Fistula, pulmonary AV fistula, ruptured sinus of valsalva etc. Now-a-days, we can close PDA even in preterm low weight babies without surgery by angiographically.

Therapeutic can be by opening cardiac valves or vessels by using balloon (e.g. severe aortic or pulmonary stenosis, severe coarctation). In sick and cyanotic conditions, we need to enlarge patent foramanovale by using a balloon.

We can also place a stent into pulmonary artery, into coarctation of aorta. In sick neonates, interatrialseptal or patent ductusarteriosus stenting can also be done by angiography.
When there is a collection of fluid around the heart, we can aspirate this by using a needle in cath lab under fluoroscopic guidance