Token of appreciation in Apollo Cradle CME after a panel discussion on fetal anomalies especially fetal cardiac anomalies

Invited as a Penalist in Perinatology conference conducted by Apollo Cradle Moti nagar Delhi at Indian Habitat Centre

Token of appreciation in BLK pediatric emergency CME



Honored in IAP Haryana CMEDiscussing How to do coarctation of aorta in children

Discussing common pediatric cardiac emergencies in BLK CME

Honored in IAP Haryana CME

IAP Haryana CME Pulmonary complications associated with pediatric cardiac diseases

IAP Hisar CME discussing about approach to heart murmers

Panel discussion on respiratory issues with pediatric heart diseases

Lecture on approach to a murmer in BLK CME

Receiving token of appreciation in IMA Dwarka

Speaking on common pediatric cardiac conditions in IMA dwarka

Delivering a talk in IAP bareilly

Receiving token of appreciation in IAP Meerut meeting

Giving a lecture on ‘’common pediatric cardiac conditions’’ in IAP Meerut CME

Giving a lecture on ‘’Approach to congenital heart diseases’’ in IAP North Delhi CME

Giving lecture on "When to do Interventions in Pediatric Cardiac Diseases"