Atrial septal defect can be treated either by surgery or by angiographic closure in cath lab by using a device.

Only ASD that can be treated in cath lab without surgery is “OSTIUM SECUNDUM” type of defect.

For closing this variety, adequate margins surrounding the defect should be there so that device can be placed securely.

Also size of the defect as well as weight of the child needs to be considering before proceeding for closure by device.

First we give some medication to the child so that he/she will remain quiet throughout the procedure.

Either conscious sedation of sometimes general anesthesia to be given depending on the situation. In high risk cases, general anesthesia has to be given.

We enter into the heart from the lower leg blood vessels.

Under echo and fluoroscopic guidance, we deploy a device across the defect.

Before releasing the device, we first confirm on echo for ensuring the correct position of the device.

Sometimes, we need to use a different kind of Echo that is known as transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) for deploying the device.

More accurate deployment is under TEE guidance.

The success rate of this closure is extremely good.

Patient is advised to take an aspirin tab for approx. 6 months.