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Kanika Yadav, India, 2019
I am grateful for the opportunity to met him and I highly recommend him. Love the way he deals with his patient. I came to Dr Gaurav Agrawal for my 4 month old daughter for echo. As there was some problem reported earlier. She is perfect now. Just straight forward Good experience!
Hafidh,Tanzania, 2019
Good after noon Doctor I'm very pleased with your service provided to my son who has heart problem, I got a better treatment from the first day when I arrived at your Hospital BLK especially in HEART CENTER. Thank you so much Dr Gaurav.
Manish Mishra, Ghaziabad, 2019
Very good Pediatric cardiologist and their behavior is also good , I am very impressed and highly recommended.
Vinod, Delhi, 2019
Dr Gaurav Agrawal is very kind hearted doctor, he always try to help patients My daughter underwent "ASD device closure" in Jan 2019. Dr Gaurav explained everything including risks before the procedure. My daughter is well now.
Rishabh, Bareilly, 2019
My sister is in follow-up with Dr Gaurav for last one year. She underwent surgery for hole in heart by minimal scar technique under his guidance. Now she is gaining weight and perfectly fine. Dr Gaurav is a nice person as well and caring his patients in depth.
Rajeev Mishra, Gorakhpur, 2019

I am from Gorakhpur UP, recently visited at BLK hospital and meet with Dr.Gaurav Agarawal regarding cardiology check-up of our 6 month old baby. I had taken an appointment before visiting. When I reached BLK hospital and meet with him I observed he has positive nature and approach. He treats me as a friend and suggested properly. I was in tension because my baby was suffering from ASD. But after Echo test he declared that there is not any problem in baby heart. It is working normally. I am feeling relaxed now due to Dr. Agrawal. As per my opinion he is one of the best human kind nature and professionally best cardiologist also. I really recommend him.

Dolly Kumari, Delhi, 2019
I recently visited to Him (Dr.Gaurav Agrawal) at BLK, He has nice gestures, He treated patient nicely, as he checked, looks good experience in everything, I really recommend him. Thanks
Prince Priest , Manipur, 2019

I'm from Manipur, brought my 10 year old sister for heart check-up today. One of the best Doctors I have met in this country. He explained and did the examination very clearly. Very honest, welcoming and helpful. Cleared the patient of any fear/doubt of the sickness. He recommended us to some other doctors and even helped us in finding their availability. Highly recommend this pediatric cardiologist for anyone, anytime, more so for his willingness to help out the patient in any way possible.

Mohd Sohail Jabbar, 2019

My son was 4 year old when i consulted with dr gaurav agrawal and he diagnosed with hole in heart. I was worried so i recheck with another doctor. I was happy with counselling done by dr gaurav. My son underwent ASD surgery and dr gaurav done as good job and he cared child very well and handled the case nicely.

Patricia, Malawi, 2019
I would like thank god for giving DR. GAURAV AGRAWAL the power to treat children with heart problems. My baby WINNIE now is fine than before. May god give DR GAURAV more wisdom and grant you more years to treat other children as you have done to my child.My baby is well now. This is a miracle to our family. God Bless You.
Satvinder Singh, Delhi, India, 2019
Dr Gaurav Aggarwal treated my child for pericardial effusion. At first day of treatment, he almost cures her. Dr Gaurav is next to god for me. My child is totally well now. It is a miracle for us to see her back to normal. I can trust him blindly. Thank you Dr Gaurav Aggarwal. Heartly thanks to him.
Rajesh Hadda, Delhi, India, 2019
Dr Gaurav Agrawal treats my child very well and save my child from critical cardiac disease. He is the best child doctor in Delhi. I am very thankful to all doctor of NICU and all staff members who take care of my baby and all babies in NICU very well. All doctors are very co-operative and supporting and take care and give satisfactory answers for all queries.
Seema, Delhi, India, 2019
My daughter was having a hole in her heart (ASD). We heart about Dr Gaurav Aggarwal from my neighbor. He treated that hole by angiography instead of surgery. My daughter is now fine and I am happy with Dr Gaurav. God bless him.
Dilbar, Uzbekistan, 2019
I am very thankful to Dr Gaurav Agarwal for treating my daughter Dilnura who was having a hole in heart (VSD). He closed VSD by Device technique. God bless him.
Shivam, Sonipat, Haryana, 2018
I consulted at the age of 18 years for two holes in my heart. Dr Gaurav Agrawal did a detailed work up and sent for surgery for VSD n PDA without cath study (angiography). I discharged in 5 days. I was advised for cath study in another hospital. Now I am feeling very good He is fully committed for his patients n fulfilling his commitments that he is doing with the patients. God bless him and wishing him for every success in his life.
Satpal Dogra, Jammu, India, 2018
I have very good experience and fully satisfied. We are here for the treatment of my daughter Palshin for ASD device closure that is successfully done by Dr GauravAgrawal. Dr Gaurav is a very good person and he is fully dedicated towards the patient care. Nice to meet with him.
Mercy, Nigeria, 2018
Dr Gauravis a very good doctor. My baby was having a heart disease. He takes care of my baby and now she is fine. When I came, she was having very low weight due to heart issues. Now she gained good weight after treating heart illness by Dr Gaurav.
Takura, Zimbabe, 2018
The service I got at BLK hospital was amazing. My daughter was having PDA in heart with high lung pressures. Dr Gaurav did not close the hole and team diagnosed reason of high lung pressure very well. I am very happy with the team especially to Dr Gaurav.
Mavungu Kikaya, Congo, 2018
My child underwent angiographic procedure by Dr Gaurav Agarwal. First time you are good man and you know very well about your goal. I wish that god bless you and give you all strengths to take care of child with heart diseases.
Rajeev Bhawal, Delhi, India, 2018
Dr Gaurav Aggarwal behavior is very good. His approach towards patient treatment is extremely good. My daughter is in good condition after undergoing ballooning of heart valve for its narrowing.
Brij Mohan, Sonepat, India, 2018
I am coming to Dr Gaurav for my daughter from 18-10-2017. We were very worried initially as she is our first child but after meeting with him, I am very much satisfied with him. I am following all the instructions and advice given by sir. Our baby is in better position now. I am very thankful to him.
Vikash Kumar, Delhi, India, 2018
He is god to my son my son was diagnosed a hole in heart (PDA) along with poor weight gain. Dr Gaurav Agrawal did device closure of PDA on 25 June and discharged next day without any issues One thing about him is that he is fully committed to his words n helped me also in finances up to his limits He is transparent in his decisions n explained very well risks associated with the procedure as closure of hole may have certain risk. I am really happy and obliged to him Thanks to Dr Gaurav Agrawal and keep it up.
SurajInwati, Jabalpur, India, 2018
Dr.Gaurav Agrawal is best paediatric cardiologist in Delhi. He gave us very honest opinion and advised wait for surgery. I am much satisfied with the consultation. Keep doing good work Dr Gaurav Agrawal.
Bishar Ali, Kenya, 2018
I am from Kenya, and came for PDA closure and Dr. Aggarwal attended to us. We found him very professional and truly genuine. I would recommend him to all paedetric patients .One of the best Doctors I have come across.
Daniel, India, 2018
Dr Gaurav is very calm & talented doctor. Underwent ASD device closure and I personally recommend to contact him related to heart problems. His charges are really reasonable too. My daughter got operated last Wednesday and she is ok now.
DassKannan, Delhi, 2018
Great doctor, great person. Attended us very calmly, we were so worried when we came to know that our daughter has hole in her heart, but Dr. Gaurav handled it very nicely, and made us understand everything and started the treatment gradually. Our daughter was operated and today after one month she is absolutely fine. We are grateful and thankful to him to save our child. Definitely he is the best doctor for children heart problem.
Judith, Nigeria, 2018
I am from Nigeria I consulted Dr Gaurav Agrawal for my daughter that was having a large hole in the heart He takes care of my child with dedication for almost a month time in India He is a patient listener of patient worries I fully recommend him. Pl continue good work God bless u.
Henry Ndungo, Congo, 2018
I am from Congo Very nice doctor and doing ethical practice. Keep doing good work. Did balloon dilatation of coarctation of aorta in my child and child is now symptoms free.
Sachin, Delhi, India, 2017
My daughter was having large VSD. I consulted in BLK hospital with Dr Gaurav. He advised cath study first followed by surgery for VSD. I am very much impressed by straightforward commitment of Dr Gaurav. My child is in very good condition.
BalMukund, Delhi, India, 2017
I consulted Dr Gauravfor fetal echo of my wife. His behavior and way of talking was excellent. His opinion regarding the fetal echo was clear cut. I am completely satisfied with Dr Gaurav Agarwal.