There is aortic valve between left ventricle and aorta.

Normally, it is having 3 leaflets or cusps in a normal valve.

When instead of 3, it is either 2 or 1 leaflet or cusps then it is more likely to narrow at commissures.

Indication of aortic valve ballooning?

  • Critical Aortic stenosis in neonates (PDA dependent)
  • Severe Aortic stenosis in infant and children (Mean pressure gradient across the valve is equal or more than 40 mm Hg)

This intervention we carried out in cardiac cath lab without open heart surgery.
After giving sedation to the child, we take a thigh artery for accessing the aortic valve, known as femoral artery.
Then we take various wires, catheters etc, we cross the aortic valve under fluoroscopy guidance.
We inflate a balloon over the wire across the valve after ensuring good wire position.

Risk Involved
Risk rates are high in neonates.
It can be aortic valve leak, balloon rupture, vessel obstruction etc.

How many days stay required in hospital?
2-3 days