This is a procedure of choice in children for relieving obstruction in major artery (COA).

It is less invasive procedure for the repair of isolated and “localizedcoarctation’’.

Ballooning of the coarctationis done by using the vessels in thigh known as femoral arteries. Other vessels that can be used are axillary artery, carotid artery etc.

This procedure is done under conscious sedation with IV medications and sometimes general anesthesia especially in neonateshas to be given.

In this procedure, after taking an access in the artery from the thigh, we enter into the diseased segment and then we inflate a balloon across the narrowing and then we relieved the obstruction. This whole procedure is done in cath lab under fluoroscopy and echo guidance.

Patient is discharged next day and can perform daily activities without any risk.

Follow-up with child heart doctor is recommended at 1, 3, 6 months and then yearly after the discharge.

Is the procedure safe?

There is certain risk that is related to this procedure. It can be rupture of balloon or vessel, injury to the artery/vein in the groin etc.