Abnormal heart sounds occur due to turbulent flow across the cardiac chambers or blood vessels. This is a very common cause for a child to be referred for a child heart specialist with the advice that please go ahead for child echo for knowing the reason for the same.

There are various reasons which can cause these abnormal sounds in chest.

It may be due to some holes in the heart, abnormal vessel connection with narrowing in it, valve stenosis etc.

Neonates can have abnormal heart sounds due to severe pulmonary arterial hypertension or abnormal cardiac structure.

We need to post the child for echocardiography so that we will come to know reason for these sounds.

Sometimes, there is an innocent murmur in children due to fever, anemia etc. This is a normal heart sound for children.

After knowing the reason for these sounds, we may plan the treatment further.

Please read common cardiac condition section of www.childrenheartcare.com for detailed discussion of child heart diseases which produces these sounds.