Coarctation of aorta can be managed either by drug treatment or by balloon dilatation/stenting in cath lab or by surgery.

  1. Drug therapy is meant only for controlling the high blood pressure.
  2. In newborn period, surgery is the treatment of choice.
  3. But in neonates, if left ventricle pumping is poor, balloon dilatation of COA in cath lab is advised (by angiography).
  4. Balloon dilatation is a procedure of choice in childhood and adolescent.
  5. If weight of adolescent is more than 25-30 kg then instead of ballooning, we can put a stent across the narrowed segment with good result.
  6. Stenting is better than balloon as there is almost no chance of re-coarctation of aorta by stent.
  7. This procedure is generally done in conscious sedation. Patient can be discharged on next day and can perform daily activities without any risk.
  8. After ballooning/stenting, there is no need of any medication.
  9. These procedures are safe now a day.

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