PDA treatment in babies depends on maturity level and weight of babies.

Preterm babies needs conservative followed by drug treatment and if these measures are not successful then surgical ligation of PDA or if suitable the PDA can be closed in cath lab by using a device (without surgery).

PDA closure in cath lab (without surgery)

  • For closing of PDA by using device, size of PDA as well as weight of child has to be taken in consideration.
  • PDA is closed by using blood vessels in thigh. These vessels are connected to the heart. We pass catheters and wires through these vessels for crossing the PDA.
  • We put an umbrella shaped device across the PDA.
  • Within six months, device become endothelized and become a part of heart for life long.
  • There is no need of any medicine after this procedure (THIS IS NOT A SURGERY). Child can be discharged next day and can attend schools as well.

Is this procedure safe?

In today’s modern era, this procedure is extremely safe.

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