• There is a great vessel in heart known as “pulmonary artery” which supplies blood to both lungs. Pulmonary artery has a valve.
  • When there is an obstruction at the level of valve, it is known as valvular pulmonary stenosis.
  • Valvular pulmonary stenosis can occur either as an independent lesion or can be associated with other cardiac diseases like TOF.
  • Child can be presented in various forms depending on age of the child and severity of the obstruction.
  • Newborn babies if symptomatic are having severe or critical obstruction in pulmonary valve and presented as a shock lesion with low blood supply to body parts.
  • In children, if PS is mild, then children are asymptomatic and illness is detected on routine examination by a pediatrician by hearing an abnormal heart sound in the form of murmur on examination.
  • As severity of obstruction increases, child presents with early fatigue, decrease exercise tolerance, syncope, shortness of breath rarely sudden cardiac death.


For diagnosing pulmonary stenosis, “echocardiogram” needs to be done.

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