Treatment of valvular PS depends on its severity and age of presentation.  

In Valvular pulmonary stenosis, treatment of choice is to do ’Balloon dilatation of pulmonary valve’’.

  • Newborn babies with severe/critical pulmonary stenosis: Urgent balloon dilatation of pulmonary valve is recommended.
  • Child with mild to moderate obstruction: medical follow-up at regular intervals.
  • In severe obstruction: Immediate intervention in the form of ballooning is advised.

When echo gradient is more than 60 mm Hg or in critical valvular pulmonary stenosis in neonates, ballooning is indicated.

Balloon procedure details

  • This procedure is done retrogradely in cardiac cath lab by angiographic technique without open heart surgery.
  • This procedure generally done by using femoral vein, but occasionally we use neck vein (internal jugular vein) for crossing the pulmonary valve.
  • Valve is crossed by wire and catheters followed by balloon dilatation of pulmonary valve.

Is this procedure safe?

  • Majority of these procedures are safe in modern era.


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