Management of acyanotic congenital heart diseases (#ASD, #VSD, #PDA, #RSOV, #coronary cameral fistula) depends on the type of diseases.

Acyanotic heart diseases (those without bluish discoloration of lips & fingers) can be managed by medicines or surgery or cardiac cath interventions in cath lab.

Medical management is by giving medicines for controlling symptoms of heart failure.

If heart failure is not controllable by medicines then we need to plan closure of that cardiac hole (responsible for heart failure) either by surgery or if suitable then by putting an umbrella device across the defect so that it can be closed, this has to be done in #cath lab angiographically.

Now a day, varieties of cardiac holes like PDA, VSD, ASD, ruptured sinus of Valsalva, coronary fistulas, pulmonary artery to atrial fistula etc can be closed in cath lab (without surgery) by putting a device angiographically (Device closure procedures).

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